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Review of Dr. Perlmutter’s Brain Maker

Healthy Lifestyle Tips & Hints

David Perlmutter’s most recent offering, Brain Maker creates a scientifically compelling platform from which to pose fundamental questions regarding the origins of health, wellbeing and disease and how each is influenced by the bacteria living in the gut.  Dr. Perlmutter’s review of this complex new research explores the consequences of inflammation created by an imbalanced microbiome and its contribution to chronic illness. The author of Brain Maker is a seasoned clinician of intense curiosity, fearlessly questioning how he can safely and effectively help his patients suffering from complex and chronic illness.  His easily followed peer review research crafts a solid basis for understanding the essential contribution of educated lifestyle choices in treating complex medical problems. After exploring the microbiome’s role in multiple medical conditions, Dr. Perlmutter guides and empowers the reader to cultivate their own healthy lifestyle choices using approachable yet science-based meal plans, recipes and supplement guidelines to optimize their own microbiome’s health.

I have recommended Dr. Perlmutter’s previous books to many patients who suffered from neurologic disease and other complex pain conditions over the years.  However, Brain Maker offers a new path to improved health, whether there is a diagnosis involved or not. With his rational, science-based lifestyle approach, David Perlmutter has powerfully educated us in a profound way.

Fritz Sutter, MD


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