Our Products

We offer 

1. Pharmaceutical grade nutrients in doses consistent with evidence-based research.

2. Physician Nutrients® products are manufactured in a facility that meets or exceeds the FDA's  GMP quality standards and maintains TGA and NSF registrations.  They  require regular, independent, third-party testing to comply with strictest standards for product and ingredient quality and safety.  Every batch of product is tested by a qualified laboratory for analysis of content accuracy.  Our high-quality formulas are 100% compliant with the ingredients on the label, undergo stringent testing, and meet or exceed the FDA's GMP (good manufacturing standards) quality standards.

3. Exceptional Packaging for formulas that are especially sensitive to oxygen and moisture, such as probiotics. With traditional bottle packaging, once the seal is broken, the stability of each capsule can be affected by oxygen and moisture, for some formulas.  Physician Nutrients®'s individual nitrogen-purged blister packs and sachets allow the user to dispense one capsule or dose at a time, without exposing the remaining contents, maintaining optimum formula potency.  

4. An information source relevant to supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

5. A community of like-minded individuals Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. was founded by Frederick T. Sutter, MD, MBA to share his 20 years of expertise in the science-based integration of lifestyle medicine principles in his practice in Annapolis, Maryland, with a focus on brain health and pain management. Dr. Sutter implements the scientific principles of Lifestyle Medicine and optimum nutrition with his patients, safely guiding them towards healing and vibrant health.  Dr. Sutter offers this website as a convenience and has a for-profit financial interest in the sale of these products. While we appreciate your patronage, you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase them.  Similar product is readily available at several outlets.